WASTELAND - adidas retail exhibition

The intention of creating this exhibit was about closing the loop by using the inhouse waste from adidas stores. The project focus was on retail solutions with the first target to make awareness of resource of the materials that are thrown away every day and could actually be used for furniture and other products.



A geometric shape was laser cut out of shipping cartons. The honeycomb shape made it

possible to stack the elements together in many variations. The material were used delivery

boxes from the stores.



These cardoard benches and stools where built with the help of Kilian Schindler, a german designer. On the cardboard form is a thin layer of paper pulp sprayed on. After the paper spray is dry, sanding desires a surface texture.




By using an generative design programm from autodesk it was possible to create a layerd structure from a mannequin. Every layer of the cardboard model was cutted out with a laser cutter and glued together with organic glue.


By breaking down the cardboard into fibres
it is easy to create a mold and rebuild it into
a simple unit. Shoe boxes, tissue paper or
pigment can be added to create a story if
needed. The material is extremely light and
acts much like wood.




In combination with the metal frame, the cardboard table top looks like a valuable alternative to common wood.


In the exbhibition were a lot of material experiments from showboxes, tissue paper.



team member: Michelle Darlington, Kirsten Camara (retail department adidas)