ESSkalation - plant based recipes for everyone

Creating extraordinary dishes is one of my greatest passions. I love it to try new things! 

One of my intentions is to create as little waste as possible which I achieve by using as much of a product as possible. 

I never really manage to stick to recipes because I always change them. Friends keep asking me for my recipes, but unfortunately I can rarely help them, because the recipes usually only exist in my head. For this reason I started to write my own cookbook.
My recipe book - in german - can be bought on this website, via mail or my instagramm account: esskalation_rezepte. It will be offered in some bookstores in germany as well.

ESSkalation - pflanzliche Küche für Alle

Unkomplizierte pflanzliche Rezepte für den Alltag.

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photos and content: Carina Maurer