I am Carina Maurer, a product designer from Missen-Wilhams, a small village in south Bavaria, Germany.


I finished my bachelor thesis at Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd in July 2018.


Since October 2018 I work as an Industrial Designer at Britax Römer Kindersicherheit GmbH, in Leipheim.


One of my big interests is to develop sustainable products. Therefore I am studying "Future Studies and Sustainability Management" (MBA) at HfWU Nürthingen-Geislingen since September 2020.

Functionality, aesthetics and in-depth research play the most important role in my designs. A product should be asthetically pleasing however the design should be defined through it‘s functionality.


I am a passionate Sustainability Expert, Innovation Designer, Team Player and Change Maker with over two years experience in product development.




I took part at a Web Panel discussion about Generative Design from Digital Engineering.

You can listen to it here