LEVATO - the waitress belt

 The target of the project was to improve the daily lives of people whose work involves physical activities over a long period of time. It supports the vertebrae

 to carry heavy things and enhances the posture in order to reduce the stress put on the lumbar region.



The belt is worn underneath the vest and the upper shoulder straps bring the upper body into the right posture when lifting heavy things.

The belt evenly distributes the weight on the arms and hips.

















The self locking structure is enclosed in a bag on the backside of the lower belt.



The shoulder Part is made out of a biodynamic Material to enable free movement.

The lower belt is made out of stretchable material to enable flexibility and stability



Research, development and modell making




Team members: Nikhil Bandi, Johannes Kempkes

Supervisor: Ivo Geissner